Wedding Reception

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Wedding Reception

From the moment your guests enter the room straight through to the last dance continuous music will be playing to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception.

I’m here to help you plan your ceremony and reception timeline of events, help organize your list of participants who will be introduced, as well as all your music choices for cocktail and dinner music, songs for each special moment, and requests to be played during open dancing.


Bridal Party

A typical order of introductions:

  • Grandparents of the Bride
  • Grandparents of the Groom
  • Parents of the Bride
  • Parents of the Groom
  • Usher(s)
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsmen
  • Flower Girl(s) & Ring Bearer
  • Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man

There are many variations on this I can work with you to accommodate everyone.

Select upbeat music for the bridal party introductions.

Bride and Groom Grand Entrance

This is the song that will be played as the bride and groom are introduced as they make their grand entrance into the reception hall.

First Dance

This is the song that you will dance to as you’re first dance as husband and wife. Many couples like to have me invite either the bridal party or all of their guests to the dance floor during this dance.

Father Daughter Dance

This is the song that the bride and her father will dance to.

Mother Son Dance

This is the song that the groom and his mother will dance to.


After the formal dances and before the meal toasts are performed.
Those speaking will be introduced and invited to the microphone to speak.
A wireless mic is used for this to allow the speaker to stand wherever they like.
Some like to stand close to where the bride and groom are seated.
Others prefer standing in a more central location such as the dance floor.


If someone will be giving a blessing before the meal they will be introduced and invited to use the wireless microphone for the blessing.

Bridal Party Dance

Though not a formal part of every wedding reception these days the bridal party dance is a good way to kick off the dancing after the meal and get the dance floor filled.
After the meal or if there is a stretch of time between the more formal dances and the meal or in between courses if time permits this is a good time to invite all of the bridal party to the dance floor.

Centerpiece Giveaway

If you have table centerpieces to gievaway the beginning of the meal is the best time to play a game to decide who will be taking home the center pieces. Pass the napkin game is a popular and fun way to decide the winner, other options are available.

Cake Cutting

Before coffee and dessert is served is when the cake cutting happens. Traditionally everything stops and the cake cutting is announced and a special cake cutting song is played. Today some couples prefer simply cutting the cake and taking a few photos with it while the party on the dance floor continues without interruption.

Bouquet Toss

Traditionally a staple at every wedding the bouquet toss. The best time for the bouquet toss is following the cake cutting.
Since the dancing will have stopped for the cake cutting and people will be heading to their seats for dessert you’ll have the perfect
opportunity to set up the dance floor for the bouquet toss. All the single ladies will be asked to gather on one side and the bride
will stand on the other side of the dance floor and toss her bouquet over her shoulder towards the single ladies. The winner, the lady
that catches or wins the fight for the bouquet will then have the garter placed on her leg by the winner of the garter toss.

Garter Removal

Though not performed at every wedding these days the garter removal is best performed immediately after the bouquet toss.
A chair is placed in the center of the dance floor and the bride is invited to take a seat.
The groom is then invited to the dance floor and depending on how much of a show he would like to put on the groom either
begins at one end of the dance floor or immediately kneels directly in front of the bride to remove the bride’s garter.

Garter Toss

Immediately following the garter removal is the garter toss. For the garter toss all eligible bachelors are gathered on one
side of the dance floor. The groom is asked to stand on the opposite side of the dance floor with his back towards the group of
single men. The groom is then asked to toss the garter over his shoulder toward the group.
The winner is then asked to remain on the dance floor while the bouquet toss winner is seated in a chair in the middle of the dance floor.

Garter Placement

Immediately following the garter toss is the garter placement.
The winner of the bouquet toss is seated in a chair in the middle of the dance floor.
The winner of the garter toss is then asked to place the garter on the bouquet winners leg.
The garter toss winner is informed that for every inch further up the bouquet winners leg that the garter is placed adds five more years
of good luck to the marriage of the bride and groom.

Money Dollar Dance

Not as popular as other dances but still a fun way to get guests involved is the money or dollar dance.
During this dance the guests are invited to line up to dance with the bride and groom.

Anniversary Dance

Another way to get the couples out on the dance floor is the anniversary dance.
For this dance all married couples are invited to the dance floor. The chosen song is started and couples are asked to leave the dance floor based on the number of years married.
First couples married less than one year, then less than two years, five, ten, etc until we are left with the couple married the longest.

Special Dedications

Sometimes a couple would like to make a special dedication to a special friend or family member or other couple. This can be at
any time during the reception but after all other formalities are over is usually the best time for this.
If a song is dedicated to a couple the couple will usually be asked to the dance floor to dance to the song. During the song all couples can also be invited to the dance floor to join in the dance.

Last Dance

A last dance song can be chosen to end your reception with a couples dance or an upbeat song to end your reception with a blast.

Grand Exit

During the grand exit we instruct the guests to line up along the exit path and the bride and groom make their way through the line of guests exiting the reception hall.


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